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Support for Start-ups

Would you like to meet other start ups in the creative and social fields? Have you always dreamed of setting up your own business? Do you have an idea but don’t know where to begin?

I believe in the importance of supporting small business owners in getting sorted and started. 

When I began my business, I literally had no idea. I became self employed on the back of an opportunity that fell into my lap. I had no business plan, no network, no strategy, no marketing, no website, just myself and lots of enthusiasm. 


I fell on my arse many times. I now share what I have learned so you don't have to. 

I offer intensive programmes for mumpreneurs, the newly self employed and those niching in product or in service businesses. I promise to be straighttalking and practical - to help you get a great grounding and to have a plan of action within just 48 hours of working with me. 

Courses vary in content and duration  - with an online range coming up soon to suit our growing need to be flexible. 


Face to face courses cover: 

Is your business viable?

Who are you as an entrepreneur?

How to get started

Marketing on a shoestring

How to do market research

How to price your products

How to use partnerships to grow your business

Delivering exceptional customer service

Keeping and growing your customer base

Sales strategy

Sales skills

Project management

Starting small and how to pilot an idea


For more information about upcoming workshops, please visit the workshops tab, or click here. 



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